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Feedback from organisers of talks

Repeat bookings ~ Richard's Splendid Isolation introductory talk can be followed up with a second talk, Tristan da Cunha Revisited, already delivered to more than 70 groups to which Richard has returned.

From Mike Weiner of the Stour Valley Probus Club following a talk in February 2012 ~

'WOW! That was a truly wonderful, informative and brilliantly delivered talk that you kindly gave us last Thursday. Without doubt it was one of the best we have had in over 15 years that we have been going.'

From Pam Gooding of the Lincome Barn Natural History Society following a talk in October 2011 ~

I would like to thank you very much indeed for an excellent evening. It was most interesting and informative and I know we will have learnt a lot about that "Far away place with the strange sounding name", Tristan da Cunha.'

From Sue Watkins of the Tiverton U3A following a talk in September 2011 ~

Many thanks for your excellent talk on Tristan Da Cunha this morning. I could tell by all the questions how interested the audience was and the feedback has been excellent.

From Pamela Short of Somerton WI via the columns of the Central Somerset Gazette 18 June 2009 ~

'Our speaker for the evening was Richard Grundy, a fine and interesting speaker who has spent years teaching on the remote island of Tristan da Cunha. ..... The slides were memorable and the talk inspirational.'

From Valerie Pyburn of Teign U3A following a talk in January 2009 ~

Thanks you so much for your excellent talk last week to the Teign U3A. We all enjoyed you talk very much and feel we know our way to and around Tristan da Cunha, and even know some of the people there.
There were many very positive comments afterwards, I don't think anyone will go there, of course, but several said they thought it was a perfect paradise, although on with many challenges. Very many thanks.

From Christopher Brightman of RGS SW Branch after a talk in November 2008 ~

On behalf of the South West Region of the Royal Geographical Society, thank you so much for giving such an illuminating and inspirational talk at Kelly (Kelly College, Tavistock)
There was so much most of us did not know about Tristan and the way you mentioned so many names of islanders gave the personal touch, like a large family.  It is amazing how the way of life on such an isolated island can be so productive in many ways.
The attendance of 60, which is more than usual for that area, was a reflection of the interest, it was also good to see some local people who saw the newspaper notice and to have some who had actually been to Tristan, in 1959 and more recently the RN doctor helping with the harbour wall.
Our thanks again for such an enjoyable talk.
From David Welch of Crewkerne Rotary Club after one of their Ladies Night Dinners in September 2008

I've had time to meet many of those who were at the Dinner - and there's a unanimous request to have you back for more. I hope we can make a date with you next year.In the meantime, thank you - you made it a very good evening.
From Sindre Vandvik after a talk for Year 10 at Canford School Dorset in September 2008

Just wanted to send a quick email to say that Richard's talk on Friday was a great success. The kids' engagement was clear and I've had oodles of positive feedback over the last couple of days. Engaging and perfectly pitched. Thank you very much.

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