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Looking for an expert speaker to provide an entertaining talk
on one of the world's most fascinating communities ?

Taking bookings for talks for Autumn 2020 and 2021

Richard has wide experience of talking to many different groups :

- from Year 4 to Year 13 in schools;
- from small village groups to large audiences of several hundred;
- from Rotary Clubs, Royal Geographical Society and Women's Institutes to U3As, Probus and National Trust Area Groups.

Richard brings an intimate knowledge of Tristan through his experience teaching on the island for over 3 years and by presently editing the Tristan Newsletter and editing the island website. He is Co-Chair of the Tristan da Cunha Association.

Cruise Ship Lecturer

Richard worked as a member of staff on the Noble Caledonia MS Island Sky cruise to 'Tristan da Cunha and Beyond', delivering six Tristan-related lectures and organising a presentation in the Prince Philip Hall on Tristan da Cunha. The cruise enabled Richard to re-visit the island after a long gap.

Photo left shows Richard on Zodiac duty at a beach in the Falkland Islands in January 2012

Organisation for talks 1 & 2

Richard will need to arrive at least half an hour before your meeting starts to set up his laptop computer, data projector, large screen and small Tristan Exhibition.

Presentations are normally for 50 minutes and will include about 150 animated photographs and graphic images with a commentary designed to entertain and educate (in that order!). Richard will be happy to answer questions and therefore the session is normally about an hour. Shorter versions (eg of 35 minutes for a Rotary or Inner Wheel after dinner talk) are available.

Splendid Isolation 1 : An introduction to Tristan da Cunha

This talk covers three main areas :

* The Wild Island - showing how the island formed and its wildlife before man (featuring Albatross & Penguins);
* A summary of the island's extra-ordinary human history from discovery in 1506, through good and bad times, culminating in the 1961 volcanic eruption and evacuation;
* Travelling to and surviving in the world's most isolated community
Splendid Isolation 2 : Tristan da Cunha Re-visited

This talk :

* goes to little visited parts of the island including the 6760 feet high Peak and a hunting and gathering trip by longboat to the nearby Nightingale Island
* shows the exciting school activities undertaken in the inaugural Tristan Islands Studies Course which Richard founded, including visiting a Penguin Rookery and setting up an Albatross Breeding Study
* reports on recent events on Tristan da Cunha

Splendid Isolation 3 :

Other talk options are offered, for example one hour talks designed for Secondary Schools and Colleges.

Talks can be tailored to cater for specialist interest eg VIth Form Geographers, History, Wildlife or Conservation Groups.

Richard is linked to a national speakers agency and is pleased to receive enquiries for this talk throughout Great Britain, subject to travel and accommodation costs.

These longer talks have been provided for eg Guildford Travel Club and The Winding Wheel Venue in Chesterfield with 90 minute talk with an interval in between each half.

The Bottom Line

Payment via cheque or bank transfer payable to 'Richard Grundy' on presentation of invoice after completion of work.

Prices on application, to include plus modest travelling expenses, fixed on booking.

Specialist Talks

Richard welcomes enquiries from groups wanting Tristan da Cunha talks on, for example Wildlife and Conservation, Earth Science and History. is published by Solomon's Project Copyright 2020 and all rights reserved